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Des is garbage.

~ August H.

Mon., January 13, 2020

In a peitn

~ August H.

Tue., February 19, 2019

Der L. geht, also sind es nur noch 4, nein 3, H. du zählst nicht.

~ August H.
to Fabian H.

Mon., January 21, 2019

Wo is'n da Gustl?

~ Peter O.

Tue., January 22, 2019

*Drei Minuten nach Stundenende*

O.: "Gustl, du bist imma so überpünktlich."


Profile pictureThomas Share

~ Peter O.
to August H.

Tue., November 13, 2018

Gustl, mia sans glei.


Profile pictureJo700 Share

~ Peter O.
to August H.

Tue., October 2, 2018