Welcome to my self-programmed web server and the associated website: Necronda! After many weeks of procrastinating in the "Corona holidays" I was finally able to replace the old version with the new version of Necronda. Among other things, the account system and the quote list have been revised. A new Dark Theme and a full translation of all texts into English have been added.

The name Necronda

The proper name “Necronda” is a mixture of my online pseudonymNerLOR” and the Greek letters Omicron and Lambda. “NerLOR” in turn is composed of Nero, the name of a Roman emperor, and Lorenz (/ˈloːrɛnts/, engl. Laurence), my first name. “Necronda” only came about because I wanted a unique and unmistakable name for my website. The choice of these three words has no deeper meaning.

The quote list

At the beginning of my school days at HTL, our religion teacher suggested that we keep a list of funny statements and quotes. Since then, my class has been busy collecting various out of context sentences from teachers, students and other people. In the beginning, quotes were written down by hand in a simple text file, but the quotes are now available in a nicely prepared form under “Quotes”. Have fun scrolling and reading!